karate school BUDORA - karate and physical training workouts for everyone

If several family members play sports in our club, we apply family discounts >>>

We invite you to choose the BUDORA sports club because:

  • We are the biggest Karate sports club in Lithuania.
  • We train children in accordance with a unified educational system based on the latest educational methods.
  • Training plans prepared by specialists allow us to maintain a coherent and purposeful education of children, taking into account the individual readiness of the child.
  • In consultation with sports psychologists and psychotherapists, we adapted the training to modern children - they combine the traditional Karate martial art technique with modern child education methods.
  • It is important for us that children are educated comprehensively, so emotional and healthy lifestyle training is an integral part of our club's training.
  • During the training sessions, the physical achievements of each child are assessed individually and recommendations are given for the development of physical qualities.
  • Our team of coaches consists of constantly improving coaches with pedagogic qualifications who have won the titles of Lithuanian, European and World champions.
  • The club is proud to have a Karate world champion in its ranks - Brigita is a source of inspiration for the entire BUDORAS community.
  • We are a sports club for the whole family, offering karate and physical training for children and teenagers, karate for adults and functional training for women.
  • We try to be as close as possible to you - training takes place in 40 places in Vilnius, Grigiškės, Trakai Voke and Molėtai.
  • We organize sports and entertainment events and camps for the club community, where you will always meet a group of like-minded people and make new friends.

The uniqueness of the sport of KARATE:

  • Karate training develops not only physical abilities, but also a sense of responsibility, teaches you to have more confidence in your own strength, to cope with challenges, anxiety, stress, not to get lost in unexpected situations - all this is an irreplaceable experience in the future, preparing for knowledge tests, exams or important meetings.
  • Karate is a martial art that teaches concentration, focus, calmness and breathing techniques - the development of these qualities is extremely important for modern, often distracted children.
  • The belt system used in the sport of karate helps children easily understand their competences, encourages them to improve and achieve their goals.
  • During training, all body muscles work, flexibility, strength, endurance, dexterity, balance, reaction, coordination and power are developed.