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Basket of non-formal education for children

The non-formal children's education (hereinafter - NVŠ) basket is a compensation awarded by the municipality to 1 selected group of children. In Vilnius city municipality, the NVŠ basket is allocated for the current school year from September 1. until August 31 and amounts to 20 EUR. In the municipality of Molėtai district, it is appointed from February 1. until June 30 and from September 1 until December 31 and amounts to 15 EUR. The NVŠ basket is used for karate or physical training.
The main conditions for awarding the NVS basket:

  • The NVŠ basket can be obtained by children who study according to primary, basic and secondary education programs (students in grades 1-12). The NVŠ basket cannot be used for preschoolers.
  • Only one (1) selected non-formal educational activity accredited by the municipality is allowed to be financed with the basket. It should be emphasized that the activities of the NVŠ program must be implemented at least 2 pedagogical hours (2 or more training sessions) per week or at least 8 pedagogical hours per month. (1 pedagogical hour is 45 minutes of astronomical hours).
  • Parents who want to receive a 15 or 20 euro NVŠ basket for their child must conclude a contract for the provision of non-formal education for children approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Contracts for baskets are concluded annually.
  • Funds for non-formal education of children from the financial support of the European Union, joint funding and other state budgets of the Republic of Lithuania are allocated to municipalities for the development of non-formal education of children, with the aim of increasing the number of children educated according to NVŠ programs. The amount of funding allocated to each institution is limited, so the baskets are first given to families with social assistance and families with many children who have submitted certificates, then to other club members who have submitted a properly completed contract upon registration.
  • According to your reg. the need expressed in the form, in September NVŠ contracts will be created for you in self-service, which you will receive by e-mail. by mail and you will have to send it back signed. We recommend signing contracts by e-mail. signature.