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News Combat training on Fridays

Combat training on Fridays


We invite you to Friday training sessions, where you can raise your fighting technique level and increase your experience while fighting together with members of the club's team. 

Who are these training sessions for?

For those who would like to:

  • better prepare for competitions and higher belt exams,
  • learn various elements of combat technique,
  • learn from the best club coaches and team members,
  • overcome the fear of fighting and gain more self-confidence.

Where and when do the trainings take place?

Vilnius Baltupių pro-gymnasium:

- on Fridays 16:00-17:00 with members of the U14 club team (up to 14 years old, coach Gytis 860227866)

- on Fridays 17:00-18:00 with members of the N14 club team (from 14 years old, trainer Julius 869976660)

Grigiškės "Šviesos" gymnasium of Vilnius municipality:

- on Fridays 17:00-18:00 with members of the U14 and N14 club teams (all, coach Emilija 862021001)

VGTU engineering lyceum:

- on Fridays 17:00-18:00 with the members of the U 14 club team (under 14 years, coach Edvinas 867969633)

How much does training cost?

There is no extra charge for Friday training.

*season ticket prices for the club's teams do not change.

How to join?

Everything is very simple - you just need to choose the most convenient training place and time and come to exercise.

See you in training!